Rethinking space, and space hire, through integrated software and adaptive furniture.

Mission & VAlues

Our mission is to connect ideas, people and physical space using technology to make things easier. We value freedom, playfulness, kindness and accomplishment. So we have created DO BOX to support those attributes and give our customers a space to activate them.

The Story

DO BOX exists to foster fresh thinking.

We created DO BOX for entrepreneurial thinkers with ideas to share because traditional meeting spaces are dull, uninspiring and can be arduous to book.

DO BOX is a self-service smart space that will augment your experience. We provide you with the right tools and technologies to control your experience and environment from start to finish.

We're passionate about creating a world where ideas can be explored with abandon.

The Team

DO BOX was created by a team at the core of Taranaki's startup scene who saw a need for more creative and inspiring spaces and were interested in applying UX design principles to the digital and physical offering. Our observation of constraints of traditional meeting space options prompted us to experiment with better solutions to enable the community to be more innovative.

We look forward to launching DO BOXES in locations beyond New Plymouth and to making good things happen across NZ.

We are expanding

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