Health & Safety

Thanks for choosing Do Box!

DO BOXES are unattended spaces so it is always the responsibility of the person who made the booking to ensure that proper health and safety measures are undertaken during a booking.

The maximum number of people allowed in the space is 37.

First Aid
There is a first aid kit located in the kitchen area for minor injuries. You are responsible for ensuring you have a Health and Safety Representative present during your booking.

In the event of a fire, there is one exit out the door and down the stairs. Please ensure that everyone in your party vacates the building calmly and quickly. The assembly point is in the car park up the stairs from Quarter Bank.

In the event of an earthquake, move away from the windows, air conditioner, the furniture storage area and any shelves. If you have any table tops set up then use them to drop, cover and hold until the shaking stops. Otherwise we suggest you stand in the doorway to the kitchen area.

Slips and Trips
Be aware of slipping and tripping over cables, bags or boxes. Note that the floor is uneven in places so be aware when walking in the space. The entrance area may be slippery when wet. Please take care and wipe your feet on the doormat when it's raining. Please take care on the stairs.

Muscular Strains
Take care when moving furniture to prevent muscular strains.

When you are working a full day at DO BOX, please ensure you take breaks and move around to give variation to posture to avoid repetitive strain injury or other muscular issues.

Last updated: 9 March, 2020