DO BOXES include climate control, a small kitchenette and have toilets nearby.

Climate Control


There is a heat pump that is remotely controlled and is automatically turned on at 22 degrees Celsius prior to your booking so that the room temperature is comfortable at any time of year. During your booking you can adjust the temperature as needed.


The Quarter Bank complex has a shared bathroom. There is a key kept in the space for our customers to access it. To find it, go downstairs and turn left. Walk along the container and take another left after the stairs. The toiler is the glass door with the birds on it. If the toilet is short of toilet paper, we keep some under the sink in the kitchen area so feel free to grab one from there.

There is also a public toilet on the Devon Street side of the nearby carpark.



We have a small kitchenette with a jug where you can prepare food. Please bring any tea, coffee, crockery or cutlery that you may need for your booking.

Each booking is responsible for leaving the kitchen area clean and tidy. Note that we do not have refrigeration facilities.


We regret to note that our space is not wheelchair-friendly due to a set of stairs that leads up to the space.