Get Connected

DO BOXES are well-appointed spaces designed to meet your tech needs with reliable WiFi.
Present your work, hold a conference call, or play some background music - we've got you covered.

Wifi Password: thinkoutsidethebox

Presentation TV

You can connect to the 55" presentation monitor via Chromecast (Recommended) or via HDMI cable (provided).

To connect to Chromecast you will need to have the Chrome Browser installed on your device. Open Chrome on your device and click on the 3 dots on the top right of the browser bar. Select Cast. In the options provided select Quarter Bank TV. In the Source dropdown you can opt to cast the browser, the entire screen or a file.

See below for step-by-step instructions to Chromecast.

Google Home

Play music, find local info or settle bets with our Google Home speaker. We have Spotify hooked in so you can listen to anything you like. Simply use commands like "Hey Google, play some jazz music" or "OK Google, find pizza restaurants nearby" to turn on some tunes or get information. You can also ask any questions that you might otherwise type into Google search. If you want to know what else you can do ask, "Hey Google, what can you do?"


We provide an HD webcam with autofocus and features that ensure your video remains bright and colourful in virtually all light conditions. There's a built-in, high-fidelity microphone so all you need to do is plug it into your laptop via USB cable.


We supply a crystal clear speakerphone that connects via USB or Bluetooth. Hear and be heard with a 360-degree microphone that picks up sounds from any angle. Just plug into your laptop, or connect using Bluetooth for your video or conference call.

Smart Lock

Our August Smart lock is connected to the app through wifi. This means you can access the space easily. If you leave the space during your booking, use the app to lock it on your way out. As long as you return during your booked time slot, you will be able to unlock it again using the app.

How to Chromecast

With Chromecast you can choose to display a single tab or your whole desktop on the TV.

1. Open a Chrome browser.

2. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the window. Choose Cast... from the menu that appears.

3. From the Source dropdown, choose to cast a tab, your desktop or a file.
4. Click Quarter Bank TV.

5. If you selected tab, it should cast the tab you had open.

6. If you selected desktop, your entire screen should show.

7. If you selected file, you will have to choose the file you wish to cast.

8. To stop casting, click the cast icon on your browser and then hover over the name of the TV (which should change to say Stop Casting) and click.